Q: What browser should I use for my virtual meetings?
Please use Google Chrome for the best experience possible. Firefox and Safari may have some issues depending on your personal browser settings. To ensure full functionailty of the event website, please set any browser pop-up blockers to "Always Allow". NOTE: Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not compatible with these virtual meetings.

Q: Can I test my camera and microphone for compatibility for the virtual meetings?

Yes, every day before your meetings begin we recommend clicking the following link to test your computer audio/video via Amazon Chime: https://app.chime.aws/check. If you have any browser issues or restrictions this test will alert you.

Q: How quickly should I respond to a meeting request?
Meeting times aren’t locked in and confirmed until both the exhibitor and visitor accept the meeting, so please respond to your meeting requests as soon as possible. Lock in your meeting times as soon as you can, time slots will fill up quickly.

Q: Is there any way to switch from 24-hour time (aka military time) to 12-hour time?
No, the platform works in 24-hour time only. Please reach out if you need any assistance with 24-hour time, we have charts available to help guide you.

Q: What time zone does the event take place in?
The event is based in the Eastern Time Zone. In the event interface you will see both “Event Time” (EST) and “Your Time” (your local time) listed. Always go by “Your Time”, the event platform bases your time zone on your personal computer's system time. TIP: GMT-5 is Eastern Standard, GMT-6 is Central, GMT-7 is Mountain, and GMT-8 is Pacific.

Q: I am interested in sponsoring the Back To Business Virtual Event, who do I contact?
If you have any sponsorship inquiries for this event or any other event powered by Promo Marketing or Print+Promo, please contact Mike Bloom at mbloom@napco.com.

Video Guides (click on the link below):
Event Platform Overview
How to Accept a Meeting
How To Schedule/Request a Meeting

For General Inquiries:
If you are a print or promotional products supplier, please email Kerrick Jones at kjones@napco.com with your questions.

If you are a print or promotional products distributor, please email Mike Cooper at mcooper@napco.com with your questions.
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